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Section 211 of Retirement and Social Security Law and §80-5.5 of Commissioner’s Regulations Notices

Welcome to the Business Office



We provide accounting, budgeting, payroll, personnel, maintenance, custodial, construction, operational and transportation support for our District. We support over 300 staff members and 1,600+ students.


Our Staff


Vince Napoli
Assistant Superintendent for Business
P: (845) 647-0115
E: vnapoli@

Justine Avery
Secretary to the Assistant Superintendent of Business
P: (845) 647-0115
E: javery

Christine Klein

Account Clerk | Benefits / Central Registrar
P: (845) 647-0120
E: cklein

Sue Burns

Account Clerk | Payroll
P: (845) 647-0118
E: sburns

Denise Avery
Account Clerk | Purchasing
P: (845) 647-0116
E: davery

Christine Spratt
Account Clerk | Title Grant | Transportation
P: (845) 647-0107
E: cspratt

Sue Schwall
P: (845) 647-0119
E: sschwall