Class of 2021 Moves Up!

Class of 2021 Moves Up!
Posted on 06/13/2017
Ellenville’s Grade 8 students marked the end of their Middle School years with a Moving-Up ceremony held June 2.

Grade 8 Moving Up, a tradition in Ellenville, officially marks their successful completion of two thirds of the journey to their high school graduation day, and an auditorium packed with friends, family, and teachers cheered the accomplishment. The Class of 2021 celebrated with “Pomp and Circumstance” performed by the Grade 6 and Grade 7 band, speeches, awards, and the presentation of certificates.

Their principal, Genna Suraci, congratulated her upperclassmen and cautioned them that at times they may feel “worthless, crumpled, creased, and torn apart."

“But you will not lose your value,” Ms. Suraci assured her students, who entered the Middle School as children and leave as teenagers. “You are special. Don’t you forget it.”

Class president Sarah Stevens addressed her classmates and deemed their Grade 8 experience “amazing,” She said their move to the High School in September is an opportunity to grow, change, and explore.

“Don’t try to follow any one else’s path,” Sarah said. “Stay true to yourself.”

Later this month, the “graduates” will attend their Eighth Grade Celebration Dance, which will be held June 22 at the high school.

Grade 8 student pose for photos in front of the high school after Moving Up

Grade 7 and Grade 6 musicians perform at the Grade 8 Moving Up ceremonyThe Class of 2021 stand for the Pledge of Allegience

The class president gives her address

Students pose for photos in front of the high school after Moving Up