Strange Notes

Strange Notes – Fridays & Saturdays in September & October from 11:00 PM - 12:00 AM

“Your fix for punk, rock, and the occasional pop tune.”

Strange Notes, originally called Songs of the Black Hole, is Ellenville’s new punk rock radio show, produced by an EHS alumnus, “The host with no name” (his name is actually Tommy Shadd, but you probably haven’t heard of him anyway). Each show contains a featured album. The show starts and finishes with the album’s respective first and last songs. Throughout the broadcast are three special segments, which include “Wild Card,” “Choice Cuts,” and “Lightning Round.”

Wild Card
The first segment, at roughly the fifteen minute mark, is called “Wild Card,” in which a single song of any genre is played. As an avid music consumer, my tastes range wildly from pop to metal to ska to folk. Although Strange Notes is primarily a punk show, “Wild Card” gives me an opportunity to play some of my favorite songs that simply neglect the broadly-defined boundaries of punk music.

Choice Cuts
Decidedly the most prestigious segment, “Choice Cuts” airs in the middle of the show to broadcast select songs from the featured album. The amount of songs played during this segment, as well as the exact time when the segment is introduced, varies on a show-by-show basis.

Lightning Round
The final segment, introduced around the forty-five minute mark, is “Lightning Round.” As punk music is typically shorter in length than most popular music, this segment features five songs in about five minutes.




Episode 1 (Original airdate July 6, 2018)

Featured album: Revolutions per Minute by Rise Against

Prelude: Mayhem, “Silvester Anfang”

  1. Rise Against, “Black Masks & Gasoline”
  2. Mind Spiders, “Cold”
  3. Face to Face, “Pastel”
  4. Lifetime, “Airport Monday Morning”
  5. Frightened Rabbit, “Rained On”
  6. The Lawrence Arms, “Are You There Margaret? It’s Me, God”
  7. Vanishing Life, “Forgiven/Forgotten”
  8. Radioactivity, “Alright”
  9. NOFX, “Fermented and Flailing”
  10.  Rise Against, “Like the Angel”
  11. Rise Against, “Voices Off Camera:”
  12. Rise Against, “Last Chance Blueprint”
  13. Rise Against, “Torches”
  14. Teenage Bottlerocket, “Summertime”
  15. Bad Brains, “How Low Can a Punk Get?”
  16. N.E.G., “Evolve”
  17. The Germs, “What We Do is Secret”
  18. Screeching Weasel, “Used Cars”
  19. Negative FX, “Negative FX”
  20. The Marked Men, “I Don’t Want It”
  21. Rise Against, “Amber Changing”

Episode 2 (Original airdate July 13, 2018)

Featured album: Fix My Brain by The Marked Men

  1. The Marked Men, “A Little Time”
  2. NOFX, “We Threw Gasoline on the Fire and Now We Have Stumps for Arms and No Eyebrows”
  3. Summer Twins, “Forget Me”
  4. Face to Face, “It’s Not Over”
  5. The Men, “Gates of Steel”
  6. AJJ, “Randy’s House”
  7. Mayhem, “Deathcrush”
  8. La Luz, “Sure as Spring”
  9. Masked Intruder, “Saturday Night Alone”
  10. Lifetime, “Haircuts & T-Shirts”
  11. The Marked Men, “Wait Here, Wait for You”
  12. The Marked Men, “Sophisticate”
  13. The Marked Men, “Fix My Brain”
  14. The Marked Men, “You Said Enough”
  15. The Marked Men, “Don’t Look at Me”
  16. Descendents, “Ride the Wild”
  17. Rotten Mind, “Slaughterhouse Refugee”
  18. Mind Spiders, “You Are Dead”
  19. Bad Religion, “Slaves”
  20. The Teen Idles, “Get Up and Go”
  21. Minor Threat, “Stand Up”
  22. The Distillers, “Girlfixer”
  23. Screeching Weasel, “More Problems”
  24. La Dispute, “Said the King to the River”
  25. The Marked Men, “Stay Home”


Episode 3 (Original airdate July 20, 2018)

Featured album: Warning Device by Teenage Bottlerocket


  1. Teenage Bottlerocket, “Bottlerocket/In the Basement”
  2. Rise Against, “The Dirt Whispered”
  3. Face to Face, “Struggle”
  4. Mind Spiders, “Mind Spiders Theme”
  5. La Luz, “Big Big Blood”
  6. An Endless Sporadic, “Galactic Tactic”
  7. NOFX, “Eat the Meek”
  8. Cardiacs, “Jibber and Twitch”
  9. Against the Current, “Roses”
  10. Teenage Bottlerocket, “She’s Not the One”
  11. Teenage Bottlerocket, “Social Life”
  12. Teenage Bottlerocket, “On My Own”
  13. Teenage Bottlerocket, “Warning Device”
  14. Lifetime, “All Night Long”
  15. Weezer, “(If You’re Wondering if I Want You to) I Want You To”
  16. Bad Religion, “Frogger”
  17. Screeching Weasel, “Runaway”
  18. Charles Bronson, “Let’s Start Another War so I Can Sing About Stopping It”
  19. Descendents, “Victim of Me”
  20. Lost Balloons, “Liquor Store”
  21. Vanishing Life, “Expression (Live)”
  22. Bad Religion, “Heaven is Falling”
  23. Touche Amore, “~”
  24. Teenage Bottlerocket, “Wasting Time”


Episode 4 (Original airdate July 27, 2018)

Featured album: True North by Bad Religion

  1. Bad Religion, “True North”
  2. The Lawrence Arms, “Beyond the Embarrassing Style”
  3. Face to Face, “Disappointed”
  4. Shades Apart, “Monster”
  5. Summer Twins, “The More I Think of You”
  6. The Dear Hunter, “Evicted”
  7. The Marked Men, “My Eyes Fail Me”
  8. Gallows, “In the Belly of a Shark”
  9. Rise Against, “The Black Market”
  10. Bass Drum of Death, “Shattered Me”
  11. Bad Religion, “Past is Dead”
  12. Bad Religion, “Dharma and the Bomb”
  13. Bad Religion, “Hello Cruel World”
  14. Bad Religion, “Vanity”
  15. Bad Religion, “Dept. of False Hope”
  16. Bad Religion, “My Head is Full of Ghosts”
  17. NOFX, “The Longest Line”
  18. Teenage Bottlerocket, “Freak Out!”
  19. Bad Brains, “Don’t Need It”
  20. Lifetime, “Song for Mel”
  21. The Distillers, “Oldscratch”
  22. Radioactivity, “Back to Me”
  23. METZ, “Knife in the Water”
  24. Bullet Treatment, “The Wreckage”
  25. Masked Intruder, “If Only”
  26. Bad Religion, “Changing Tide”


Episode 5 (Original airdate August 3, 2018)

Featured album: Masked Intruder by Masked Intruder

  1. Masked Intruder, “Masked Intruder/25 to Life”
  2. The Marked Men, “All in Your Head”
  3. Weezer, “Put Me Back Together”
  4. La Luz, “It's Alive”
  5. Mind Spiders, “Running”
  6. Varsity, “So Sad, So Sad”
  7. Teenage Bottlerocket, “Without You”
  8. Crusades, “The Transport of Intrepid Souls”
  9. Lifetime, “Just a Quiet Evening”
  10. Cults, “Bumper”
  11. Masked Intruder, “How Do I Get to You?”
  12. Masked Intruder, “I Don't Wanna Be Alone Tonight”
  13. Masked Intruder, “Breakin’”
  14. Masked Intruder, “Hello Beautiful”
  15. Rotten Mind, “This Place is Rotting Away”
  16. Bad Religion, “Man with a Mission”
  17. Screeching Weasel, “Mad at the Paperboy”
  18. State of Alert, “Riot”
  19. Teenage Bottlerocket, “Fatso Goes Nutzoid”
  20. Descendents, “No Fat Burger”
  21. NOFX, “Cell Out”
  22. Face to Face, “Blind”
  23. Rise Against, “Tragedy + Time”
  24. Masked Intruder, “Crazy”


Episode 6 (Original airdate August 10, 2018)

Featured album: I Don’t Want to Grow Up by Descendents

  1. Descendents, “Descendents”
  2. NOFX, “Linoleum”
  3. Face to Face, “123 Drop”
  4. Bass Drum of Death, “Such a Bore”
  5. The Lawrence Arms, “Never Fade Away”
  6. Teenage Bottlerocket, “Goin’ Back to Wyo”
  7. The Killing Tree, “Pillow Talk”
  8. Radioactivity, “Alone”
  9. Bad Religion, “Cyanide”
  10. Descendents, “I Don't Want to Grow Up”
  11. Descendents, “Rockstar”
  12. Descendents, “Theme”
  13. Descendents, “Silly Girl”
  14. Mind Spiders, “Slippin’ and Slidin’”
  15. Masked Intruder, “Almost Like We’re Already in Love”
  16. Bad Religion, “Chronophobia”
  17. Rise Against, “Swing Life Away (Demo)”
  18. Scream, “Came Without Warning”
  19. The Middle Class, “Out of Vogue”
  20. The Teen Idles, “Getting in My Way”
  21. State of Alert, “Warzone”
  22. Minor Threat, “Screaming at a Wall”
  23. Skewbald/Grand Union, “Sorry/Change for the Same”
  24. AJJ, “Joe Arpaio is a Very Nice Man :)”
  25. Descendents, “Ace”


Episode 7 (Original airdate August 17, 2018)

Featured album: Silent Kill by Radioactivity

  1. Radioactivity, “Battered”
  2. Catch 22, “Giving Up, Giving In”
  3. The Killing Tree, “Dressed to Kill”
  4. Face to Face, “Marked Men”
  5. Vanishing Life, “Outlier”
  6. Cults, “Oh My God”
  7. The Lawrence Arms, “Metropole”
  8. Masked Intruder, “Stars”
  9. Rise Against, “Six Ways ‘Til Sunday”
  10. Rotten Mind, “Teenage Mess Up”
  11. Dead Kennedys, “Dog Bite”
  12. Radioactivity, “Not Here”
  13. Radioactivity, “Way Out”
  14. Radioactivity, “Silent Kill”
  15. Radioactivity, “No Alarm”
  16. Radioactivity, “Where I Come From”
  17. Radioactivity, “With You”
  18. NOFX, “Leave it Alone”
  19. Teenage Bottlerocket, “Haunted House”
  20. No Thank You, “Juicy J”
  21. Screeching Weasel, “Kewpie Doll”
  22. Skewbald/Grand Union, You're Not Fooling Me”
  23. Descendents, “Kids”
  24. AxCx, “AxCx Theme Song”
  25. Lifetime, “The Boy’s No Good”
  26. Crusades, “The Signs of the Times”
  27. The Marked Men, “What Can I Say”
  28. Radioactivity, “Pretty Girl”


Episode 8 (Original airdate August 24, 2018)

Featured album: Protection by Face to Face

  1. Face to Face, “Bent But Not Broken”
  2. Radioactivity, “That Other Life”
  3. NOFX, “Straight Outta Massachusetts”
  4. The Daredevils, “Rules, Hearts…”
  5. Vanishing Life, “People Running”
  6. Bad Religion, “Them and Us”
  7. The Word Party, “The Present Progressive”
  8. La Luz, “With Davey”
  9. Summer Twins, “Carefree”
  10. Charli XCX, “Watch the Rain”
  11. Rise Against, “The Approaching Curve”
  12. Mind Spiders, “More Than You”
  13. Face to Face, “I Won't Say I'm Sorry”
  14. Face to Face, “Double Crossed”
  15. Face to Face, “Protection”
  16. Face to Face, “Middling Around”
  17. METZ, “Rats”
  18. The Middle Class, “Situations”
  19. State of Alert, “Draw Blank”
  20. Black Flag, “Spray Paint”
  21. The Marked Men, “Not Too Late”
  22. Rise Against, “3 Day Weekend”
  23. La Luz, “Sunstroke”
  24. Masked Intruder, “First Star Tonight”
  25. Face to Face, “And so it Goes”


Episode 9 (Original airdate August 31, 2018)

Featured album: Inhumanistic by Mind Spiders

  1. Mind Spiders, “Prelude/Inside You”
  2. The Germs, “Strange Notes”
  3. FIDLAR, “White on White”
  4. The Lawrence Arms, “Beautiful Things”
  5. Cardiacs, “Gina Lollabrigida”
  6. Vanishing Act, “Don't Let Her Go”
  7. Passion Pit, “Carried Away”
  8. Shades Apart, “Way Out”
  9. The Marked Men, “Gone Away”
  10. Terrible Feelings, “Cold Eyes”
  11. Crusades, “The Heroic Frenzies”
  12. La Luz, “Black Hole, Weirdo Shrine”
  13. Mind Spiders, “Suicide”
  14. Mind Spiders, “They Lie”
  15. Mind Spiders, “City Stuff”
  16. Mind Spiders, “I Want You”
  17. Crusades, “Exordium/The Torchbearer”
  18. Descendents, “Weinerschnitzel”
  19. Screeching Weasel, “We Skate”
  20. Negative Approach, “Pressure”
  21. Negative FX, “Punch in the Face”
  22. Against the Current, “Forget Me Now”
  23. Bad Sports, “Sinking You”
  24. Rise Against, “Discontent”
  25. Mind Spiders, “Oblivion”


Episode 10 (Original airdate September 7, 2018)

3-Hour Special, Part 1

  1. Bad Brains, “Coptic Times”
  2. The Germs, “Land of Treason”
  3. Dead Ending, “Ninety-Nine”
  4. METZ, “Get Off”
  5. Rise Against, “Voice of Dissent”
  6. Screeching Weasel, “I Need Therapy”
  7. NOFX, “Please Play This Song on the Radio”
  8. FIDLAR, “West Coast”
  9. Lifetime, “Northbound Breakdown”
  10. Bad Religion, “No Control”
  11. Shades Apart, “Menace”
  12. The Last of the Believers, “Throwing Matches”
  13. Vanishing Life, “Vanishing Life”
  14. Charli XCX, “SuperLove”
  15. Cults, “You Know What I Mean”
  16. Radical Face, “The Mute”
  17. Summer Twins, “I Could Never Break Your Heart”
  18. Weezer, “Jacked Up”
  19. Passion Pit, “Hideaway”
  20. Against the Current, “Runaway”
  21. The Lawrence Arms, “Seventeener (17th and 37th)”
  22. Crusades, “The Incantations”


Episode 11 (Original airdate September 8, 2018)

3-Hour Special, Part 2

  1. Radioactivity, “Danger”
  2. Mind Spiders, “Skull-Eyed”
  3. Bad Religion, “Who We Are”
  4. Crusades, “The Expulsion”
  5. Radkey, “Cat and Mouse”
  6. Rotten Mind, “Things I Can't See”
  7. The Distillers, “Oh Serena”
  8. Lagwagon, “Mr. Coffee”
  9. Bass Drum of Death, “Crawling After You”
  10. Bad Religion, “Robin Hood in Reverse”
  11. Face to Face, “Say What You Want”
  12. Teenage Bottlerocket, “Totally Stupid”
  13. Mind Spiders, “Make Make Make Make”
  14. Radioactivity, “Stripped Away”
  15. Descendents, “Good Good Things”
  16. Teenage Bottlerocket, “Pacemaker”
  17. The Marked Men, “Sully My Name”
  18. Masked Intruder, “Wish You Were Mine”
  19. The Marked Men, “It's Not a Crime”
  20. Rise Against, “Dead Ringer”
  21. The Bouncing Souls, “Coin Toss Girl”
  22. Teenage Bottlerocket, “Todayo”


 Episode 12 (Original airdate September 14, 2018)

3-Hour Special, Part 3

  1. Against the Current, “Running with the Wild Things”
  2. Teenage Bottlerocket, “They Came from the Shadows”
  3. Shades Apart, “Weight of Years”
  4. Face to Face, “Right as Rain”
  5. The Lawrence Arms, “Recovering the Opposable Thumb”
  6. Radioactivity, “The Last”
  7. Black Flag, “Rise Above”
  8. Rise Against, “Grammatizator”
  9. Minor Threat, “Small Man, Big Mouth”
  10. The Germs, “Lexicon Devil”
  11. Negative Approach, “Nothing”
  12. Bad Religion, “Suffer”
  13. Descendents, “Hope”
  14. Bullet Treatment, “Illustrations”
  15. Bad Brains, “F.V.K.”
  16. Minor Threat, “Out of Step (with the World)”
  17. The Teen Idles, “Teen Idles”
  18. State of Alert, “Blackout”
  19. Black Flag, “I've Had It”
  20. FIDLAR, “5 to 9”
  21. Dead Kennedys, “Forward to Death”
  22. SS Decontrol, “Boiling Point”
  23. Negative Approach, “Lead Song”
  24. Radioactivity, “Infected”
  25. Misfits, “I Turned into a Martian”
  26. Descendents, “I'm Not a Punk”
  27. Crusades, “The Shadow of Ideas”
  28. NOFX, “Flossing a Dead Horse”
  29. Rise Against, “Weight of Time/Faint Resemblance”
  30. The Germs, “Strange Notes”

Dedicated to the memory of “Skulls” by Misfits. Rejected, but never forgotten.