Scope of Work

What's Included

District Wide

  • Replace remainder of end-of-life roofing.
  • Upgrade restrooms, to include the replacement of end-of-life plumbing and sanitary piping where needed.
  • Reconfigure all building entrances to create secure visitor holding areas.
  • Replace identified interior and exterior doors to increase safety/security and to improve energy efficiency.
  • Replace inefficient windows, many which are original to building and include several single-pane windows, to increase safety/security and to improve energy efficiency.
  • Install new fire safety mechanisms, including a sprinkler in HS basement and upgrades to energy efficient LED emergency/exit lighting at the ES and MS.
  • Repave cracked and deteriorated parking lots, for the development of a new traffic patterns to enhance safety.
  • Create a paved emergency access road to connect the main HS/MS campus driveway to the athletic fields and back of the school buildings.
  • Replace cracked & heaving sidewalks to eliminate trip hazards
  • Replace and reseal crumbling exterior brick to prevent weather elements from entering buildings (address highest priority locations).
  • Provide ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant upgrades, such as handrails in stairwells, ramps, drinking fountains, and door hardware.
  • Replace ineffective and inefficient (some original to the building), end-of-life roof condenser units and roof exhausts that have exceeded their useful life.
  • Demolish the Church Street storage building and rebuild a 1,000 sq. ft. safe and efficient storage facility.
  • Reconstruct District main sign on Maple Ave.

Elementary School

  • Expand cafeteria to better accommodate size of student body and allow for reasonably timed lunch periods (lunch is currently scheduled from 10:20 AM to 1:56 PM due to insufficient space
  • Repave cracked and deteriorated playground surface and provide paved sidewalk access from gymnasium to address safety concerns.
  • Expand antiquated library to support modern educational use.
  • Install fire-rated transaction windows at school bank/store to address fire code compliance.
  • Install new vinyl composite tile (VCT) flooring at classroom sinks (many are cracked or missing)
  • Install climate control in select music gathering spaces to improve air quality.
  • Upgrade Nurse’s office to comply with requirements of ADA.

Middle School

  • Reconstruct failing retaining wall and correct storm water drainage issues between the ES and MS
  • Expand guard railings at library mezzanine to address safety concerns and meet code.
  • Replace deteriorated roof access ladder.
  • Reconstruct canopy over main entrance.
  • Install weather-tight flashing for exterior louvers to prevent water infiltration and protect building integrity.

High School

  • Renovate auditorium, including replacing malfunctioning seating, antiquated lighting, and insufficient sound system.
  • Upgrade library to support modern technology infrastructure and provide flexible learning space.
  • Expand Television/Radio Studio classroom to accommodate student occupancy levels.
  • Install energy-efficient occupancy sensors on unit ventilators that control outside fresh air exchange.
  • Mitigate moisture penetration through the Business Office floor where ground water seeps in.
  • Reconstruct canopy by the boiler room loading dock.
  • Replace deteriorated and/or missing crawl space vents (exterior louvers).
  • Replace deteriorated exterior stairs, treads, and railings.
  • Reconstruct broken terrazzo tread stairwell to prevent tripping and further deterioration.
  • Replace insufficient electrical panels to provide better distribution and meet the demands of modern-day electrical use.
  • Replace deteriorated roof access ladders.
  • Install new/reconstruct damaged drainage piping to correct storm water management issues.
  • Replace insufficient and inefficient main shut off valves to backflow preventer
  • Reconstruct dilapidated exterior entrance to Television/Radio Studio.
  • Remove classroom casework to increase floor space.
  • Replace wood fascia at the front of the building.


  • Update gymnasium finishes
  • Reconstruct Baseball and Softball fields, including the addition of new backstops and covered dugouts, as well as remediate drainage issues that cause puddles and impede field use.
  • Renovate Boys & Girls locker rooms at the MS, including new tiles, flooring, walls, and ceiling.
  • Construct a new Track and Field facility including
    • Correct drainage and irrigation issues and install new natural turf/sod field surface.
    • Replace dilapidated two-story press box/concession stand.
    • Replace deteriorated and insecure fencing.
    • Improve electrical/data infrastructure.
    • Install new home bleachers (relocate current bleachers to visitor bleachers).
    • Demolish dilapidated athletic storage shed and provide new storage area within the new bleacher unit.
    • Replace end-of-life scoreboard and flagpole.
    • Install new Track competition areas such as pole vault, discus, and shot put, and provide provisions for athlete timing system.
    • Install new Soccer goals.
  • Replace deteriorated fencing around Basketball court.
  • Regrade and repave parking lot near "Liepold Fields" complex to remedy drainage issues.
  • Install a footbridge to connect all athletic facilities to improve safety.
  • Replace deteriorated fencing around Liepold Fields.
  • Construct a 920 sq. ft. athletic storage building, with electricity, at Liepold Field

Tax Rate Impact  (PDF )