Sign-Up for Alerts

Receive Email Notifications

Follow these simple instructions to subscribe to E-mail Notifications about school closings, delayed openings, and more:

Please note: You need to complete the below for each e-mail account on which you want to receive notifications. You can also get email notifications as a text alert. If you have separate e-mail address for work, home, and on your cell phone, we suggest you sign-up for each account. (This service is different than our Parent Portal and mass Robo Call systems.)

To subscribe to District E-mail Notifications send an email to: Include the word “subscribe” in the subject or body of your email.

You will then receive an email like this:

THIS IS AN AUTOMATED MESSAGE. You requested a subscription to the mailing list "

For security reasons you must verify your request. To VERIFY, reply with a simple response such as “ok.”

If you've received this email by mistake or you do not want to subscribe, just ignore it.

The District will NOT send spam or solicitations. This email notification is a service for parents, employees, and all stakeholders in our School District. Only the District Superintendent and her appointees are permitted to post messages.

To unsubscribe send an email to: (The content or subject does not matter. It can be left empty.)

If you have a cell phone and want to get these notifications via text do the following:

Compose a text message

Where you would normally put in a phone number type in (see image below)

In the message body type in subscribe

Send the message

You will then received a reply text, which you must reply to with an "OK" in the message body.

Subscribe Image