Annual Notification


You can sign up for up-to-date with relevant information from your local public safety departments & schools at to get alerts about other topics such as road closures, missing children and many others.
The "iAlertz" phone app lets you receive alerts without creating an account. You can add locations of interest and choose which alert types you want to receive for these locations using the app.

The above products are different than our District's robo call / email blast.

Air conditioning

1. When running air conditioning please keep the door & windows closed
2. If your classroom is equipped with a window unit please be sure to turn it off nightly
3. On days when it's cool outside please use nature's cooling rather than run your air conditioner

Thank you for conserving energy

Classrooms and Equipment

Moving equipment (AV, Technology, Furniture) should not be done without approval from your building Principal. We keep an inventory of all items.

Also, modifying facilities in any way (painting, hanging shelves, removing cabinets) should only be done with approval from your building Principal and will be conducted by the appropriate Maintenance Staff.

And as always, all requests should be entered via a SchoolDude so we can keep track of these requests and the 

ASSET TRACKING FORM, located at H:\Common Files\forms\ Asset Tracking - Move Form.doc, must be completed.


As part of your benefits with the District we subscribe to ESI Group.
They have 24 hour emergency telephone numbers (800-225-2527) and are available for

* Grief
* Stress
* Anxiety
* Depression
* Relationship Issues
* Alcohol/drug abuse
* and more

Department of Health

This is a reminder to everyone that in order to serve food obtaining a Temporary Food Service Permit is required by the DOH.

Go to h:\common files\forms\department of health for all forms and correspondence from the DOH.

Examples of frequently asked questions & answers:

  1. Permits are good for consecutive 14 days

  2. Permits are free for not for profits if requested at least 5 days prior to the event (Original signature documents must be sent to the DOH / no email or faxing of documents)

  3. Outside vendors using the school MUST have their own permit while at school. Note: Their restaurant permit does not continue over to the school. They need a new permit while at the school.

  4. The requirement pertains to prepared food only. NOT pre-packaged food such as Snapple, granola bars, etc. (items sold in the school store / vending machines)

  5. Expect random visits from the DOH.

  6. If our food service contractor is present when preparing the food then no permit is needed. We are using their permit at this time (IE: Spaghetti Dinners)

  7. Bake sales do NOT need a permit; however each item must be portioned. Meaning if two cookies are $.50 then both cookies MUST be in a plastic bag. If a pie is $7.99 then you MUST sell the entire pie, not pieces, unless each piece is in a container.

  8. If an event is catered, i.e.: Pizza Party for the National Honors Society, then ONLY those at the event may eat the food. Extra food cannot be given away.

  9. If a classroom is having a food prep day, then ONLY those within the classroom may eat the food. Extra food cannot be given away.

10. If a classroom is having a birthday party and there are cupcakes left over the extra cupcakes cannot be walked around the building and given to anyone who wants them.

11. Sales at sporting events: I'll use the example of our basketball games. Since our games span duration of months, then multiple permits must be obtained, in periods of 14 days.

12. The preparation of food must follow strict guidelines. See the H drive for details. i.e.: If using the popcorn machine, the servers must wear gloves and use a clean scoop.

13. If you would like a copy of the State Sanitary Code one is placed them on the H drive.

14. The DOH now requires the attestation and Workman's Comp (Both are available on the H Drive)

Health and Safety

1. Cooking appliances and refrigerators should only be placed in staff lounges and dining areas.
2. Self-contained classrooms are permitted to have refrigerators only.
3. Items may be hung from a ceiling grid provided the item is not attached to the light fixture and does not exceed the weight limit of the ceiling (i.e.: Don't hang heavy items)
4. Placing items on the uni-vents (heater / air circulators) restricting air flow is also not to be done.
5. Curtains, drapes, etc. must have a fire safety label. If not fire code does not allow them to be hung.

Shipping and receiving

The District’s shipping and receiving department is for District/Academic use only.  Any item without a purchase order is subject to refusal of delivery.
Clubs and organizations performing fundraising are still permitted to receive deliveries; however, they should complete a Specific Delivery Form PRIOR to arrival of the items.
(This form is located at h:\common files\forms).
If there are extenuating circumstances where you need to have a package delivered to the District, please contact me at X115 or the Superintendent at x100 for prior approval. 

911 Calling

  • Simply pick up the handset and dial 911.

  • In addition to the 911 call going straight to County 911, the call is also displayed on the secretary's phones in the Superintendent's office and the Business Administrator.

  • Any of the secretaries listed above will break into the call and listen.

  • If the caller hangs up the secretary speaks to County and offers district information at that time.

  • A call back to the originating extension may be initiated.

  • If the call is legitimate the caller communicates with County 911 and should also contact their building Administrator regarding the emergency.

  • In event of an emergency (after calling 911) you can call x102, which is an emergency phone in the Superintendent's Office.

Technology Notifications

SchoolDude, which is the district's IT and work order maintenance program is used to enter work orders for issues and requests. 

Please refer to the links below as a helpful resource in assisting in any questions you may have in submitting or accessing this system.

Field Trip Transportation:

1. A Certificate of Insurance must be provided and approved by the Business Office (these can take weeks for approval, please plan accordingly)

2. The driver of the bus must be 19-A certified (be sure to tell the company handling the transportation this before they send the bus)

3. The bus must be DOT inspected


If you are involved with Extra-Curricular activities and the handling of cash the attached & below should be reviewed.

Attached are memos regarding the handling of cash for your records. These documents should already be in your folders but I like to issue reminders twice a year.

Handling of Cash

  • All money collected from an event must be deposited.  Supplies for events must be purchased through the disbursement/check request process,never with cash from a fundraising event.

  • At no time should you be using cash collected from an event to purchase supplies for future events.

  • Receipts for purchased items must match the amount you are requesting on your Check Request Form.  There are to be no items on the receipt other than what is purchased for the event or activity.

  • Cash sales must include a Sales / Cash Receipt Journal. See h:\common files\forms\cash receipts journal.xls

Profit and loss form

All fund raising activities and Extra-Curricular Account purchases must be accompanied by a profit and loss form.


Students should not be going door to door -fundraising

Students should be actively involved with the collection of monies and reporting of account activity.

Fundraising should not begin until the fundraising form has been approved by the Superintendent.


The Treasurer and Deputy Treasurer have prepared a binder, please refer to it for forms.

Field Trip Request / Instructional Plan

This is a reminder to use the Field Trip Request / Instructional Plan form, which is located on h:\common files\forms, for all trips.

This form has been updated so please discard any old forms.

In addition, please make sure to fill out a transportation request and purchase requisition form if using district funds for the trip.

AESOP Automated Sub Caller Notes / Definitions

Absence/Vacancy and Fulfillment Cutoff Times:

Absence Cutoff Time:  
Time after which the system will not allow employees to enter an absence for the day.
1 hour before start time. Employees must call the office after this time

Fulfillment Cutoff Time:  
Time at which the system will stop showing the job as "available" and stop calling to fill the job.
1 hour before start time. At this time the absense will be displayed to the office as an unfilled absence.

Employee and Substitute Cancel Cutoff Hours:

Employee Cancel Cutoff Hours:  
The latest time an employee can cancel an absence for the day
An absence can be cancelled up to 12 hours before the required start time.
If an employee needs to cancel within the start time and 12 hours they should notify their Administrator

Substitute Cancel Cutoff Hours:  
The latest time a substitute can cancel an assignment for the day.
A sub can cancel up to 1 hour before the required start time


Color paper is for "special projects" and should be requested appropriately. The Field Trip Request / Instructional Plan form, which is located on h:\common files\forms, is required for all trips. Please make sure to fill out a transportation request and purchase requisition form if using district funds for the trip.

There is no expectation of privacy: email use on District property is NOT to be construed as private.
All email is considered confidential and permanent and should only be used for educational purposes. (email is never truly deleted, as the data can reside in many different places and in many different forms.)

Can parents be asked to provide monies towards a school sponsored field trip?

Parents cannot be forced to pay for school supplies bought through the district, or charged fees for participation in the curriculum. Likewise parents cannot be charged a fee to attend a school sponsored educational trip that is part of the curriculum.

Parents are free to run fundraisers or donate money as long as they comply with the District’s policies on solicitation in schools, SED’s regulations on fundraising, and the Board’s procedures for accepting donations.  They would just make a donation specifically for the purpose of that field trip. It may be easiest if one parent collects the money and makes one donation to the Board,  as opposed to each parent making a small donation.  But it should be left up to the parents to organize, not the teacher or the District.

Can a raffle be held at the school?

A raffle can only be held on school property if the town in which the school is located has adopted a local law allowing raffles.  If no law has been adopted, then no raffles can be held in the town’s boundaries.  If a local law has been adopted allowing raffles (Wawarsing has), an “authorized organization” may raise funds through the sale of raffle tickets if it obtains the proper permits from the town.  However, a school district does not qualify as an authorized organization and therefore cannot hold a raffle.  A booster club might be eligible if it follows the property permitting procedures.

If the authorized organization follows all the permitting procedures and plans to hold a raffle, it still must follow the District’s rules on soliciting donations during school hours. 

Is Crowd Sourced fundraising allowed?

It is allowed, provided the fundraiser is approved by the Superintendent AND the fundraising is done by / for a legitimate club, class of, 20xx, etc. Employees of the district can't directly fundraise.

If a students photo is posted then there should be a release form on file.

What types of snacks can be sold during the school day?

This is best answered by reading this flyer:

Work Place Injuries

If you are injured during a scheduled workday at the District you must file an Incident report with your immediate supervisor within 24 hours

FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act)

BLT Orders

BLT orders are due by May 1 each year.

Annual Cancer Screening

Leave time afforded under Civil Service Law will be expanded to cover screening for any type of cancer, provided the screening takes place during the employee’s work hours.  The maximum amount of leave time an employee may take is still four hours, but it can be used for any type of cancer screening.  The leave time still cannot be charged to the employee’s leave accruals.  The employer may, however, request medical documentation from the employee to demonstrate that the absence was for the purpose of a cancer screening.