Scope of Work

Health & Safety

  • Replace fire alarm systems that have reached end of useful life.
  • Install fire/life safety devices (smoke detectors, alarms, and strobe lighting) in basement at EMS/EHS (none currently exist).
  • Replace vinyl asbestos floor tiles in EES classrooms, as well as in EMS/EHS classrooms, auditorium, technology wing, storage, and offices, including asbestos abatement.
  • Replace antiquated rope designed stage rigging system and splintered/uneven wooden stage floor at the EMS/EHS.
  • Replace deteriorated concrete at Technology wing and auditorium exit at EMS/EHS.
  • Add windows in identified EES classrooms that currently have no natural light or natural ventilation (no windows currently exist).
  • Provide ventilation in EES warming kitchen to provide fresh air intake and help mitigate excessive temperatures.
  • Update worn wall finishes and floors at EES cafeteria to more durable surfaces suited for the room’s function.
  • Install ADA-compliant wall-mounted handrails on EES corridor ramp.
  • Install covered aluminum walkway from EES to EMS to protect students from weather elements (used daily to access programs and services).


Energy Efficiency

  • Convert antiquated steam heating system at EES (original in 1955) to more efficient and reliable hot water. (Includes adding ventilation to occupied spaces where none currently exists).
  • Replace antiquated and inefficient kitchen equipment at EMS/EHS. Upgrade electrical system to handle more energy-efficient equipment.


Aged Infrastructure

  • Replace end-of-life roofs at EES, EMS/EHS. Warranty coverage can no longer be secured for existing roofs. Includes replacing deteriorated plywood soffits.
  • Cover top of cornice around 1932 portion of EHS building with metal to prevent crumbling masonry. Restore cornice where chunks have detached and fallen.
  • Update original electrical system from 1956 in EES to provide capacity for current power needs.
  • Renovate two original 1956 restrooms at EMS/EHS.
  • Mitigate moisture issues under classroom floor tiles, which cause tiles to detach and create uneven floor surfaces.
  • Repave/resurface uneven and deteriorating tennis court surface at EMS/EHS.
  • Resurface track to protect base and extend its life.