Ellenville High School Athletic Hall of Fame

Established in 2018, the Ellenville High School Athletic Hall of Fame provides an opportunity for the school to recognize athletes, coaches, and others for their outstanding athletic accomplishments or contributions to athletics at the district, local, state or national levels.

The goal of the Hall of Fame Committee is to seek, assess and select inductees to the Ellenville High School Hall of Fame. Nominations are accepted through April 15th of each year and reviewed and voted on by the committee. The nomination criteria and voting process shall be followed as per the Hall of Fame bylaws. The Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony will be held during the Homecoming Football game.



  1. The Hall of Fame Committee shall be made up of the following individuals:
    1. Two (2) current coaches (male and female)
    2. Five (7) community members (male and females)
  2. The Director of Health, Physical Education and Athletics shall serve as the facilitator of the committee and cannot vote.
  3. Hall of Fame Committee members must apply through the District volunteer procedure and be approved by the Board of Education.
  4. Finances, fundraising and donations for the Hall of Fame will be handled/administered by the Ellenville Athletic Department.

Nomination Process

  1. Anyone can submit a completed nomination form to the Hall of Fame Chairperson or Director of Health, Physical Education and Athletics. You may download the nomination form from the Ellenville District website:
    Hall of Fame Nomination Form (PDF)
  2. Nomination forms and specified supporting materials must be submitted in writing to the Hall of Fame Chairperson and the Director of Health, Physical Education and Athletics.
  3. Nomination forms shall be made available on the Ellenville District website and in the Ellenville Athletic Office.
  4. Nominations need only be made one time. Those not selected will be retained for future consideration.

Eligibility and Criteria

  1. Four Categories:
    1. Athlete - The athlete must have graduated from Ellenville High School and is eligible for consideration after a minimum of six (6) after date of graduation.
    2. Coach/Administrator - Must be a retired coach or administrator in the Ellenville School District.
    3. Honorary - An honorary candidate must have made a significant impact on Ellenville High School and/or sectional, state, national, professional or international levels of athletics and have exemplified good character, sportsmanship, and leadership.
    4. Team - A team is eligible six (6) years after their accomplishment.
  2. The maximum number of inductees each year is as follows:
    Category Max. Number
    Athlete 3
    Coach/Administrator 1
    Honorary 1
    Team 1
  3. One of the inductees may be posthumous and left to the discretion of the committee.
  4. All nomination forms must be accompanied by appropriate documentation:
    1. Current resume (include Ellenville High School and post high school achievements and local, state or national recognition and honors).
    2. Supporting materials (newspaper articles, letters of recommendation from former coaches and/or players).
  5. Individuals who have made significant and extraordinary contributions to Ellenville athletics. Individuals who have exemplified good character, sportsmanship and leadership.

Screening and Voting of Candidates

  1. All nomination forms for each category shall be screened by the committee prior to any vote.
  2. The committee shall then vote by ranking the candidates in each category from top to bottom with highest point value awarded to the top candidate.
  3. In order for a vote to take place there should be a minimum of five (5) committee members present.

Yearly Timeline

January Nomination forms available/News release/Website
April 15 Nomination deadline
April Hall of Fame committee meets to narrow pool of nominees and establishes the slate of candidates to be voted on
May Vote
June Annual honorees announced and invited
Sept/Oct Annual ceremony (Homecoming Football game)