Strange Notes

Strange Notes

Friday nights in July + August at 9:00 PM

“Your fix for punk, rock, and the occasional pop tune.”



(Strange) Note to listeners: WELV has launched a new programming block called The Punk, Rock, + Pop Hour that airs every Friday night at 9:00. The programming block, presented by the host without a name, airs all year-round, meaning you can tune in to 107.9 every Friday throughout the year to listen to Strange Notes in the summer, Stranger by the Day in the winter, and The Punk, Rock, + Pop Hour every other week of the year! 

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Featured album of the week (August 6, 2021): 

The Dream Scene by Here’s To Neverland

Gag host name: The Dream Scenester 

For fans of: No Matter, Masked Intruder 

For fans of (according to the band): Paramore, Tonight Alive, All Time Low and We Are The In Crowd (via Twitter) 

Trivia: This short-lived Australian project released a sole studio album, The Dream Scene. You may have heard of it somewhere. Lead singer Rosanna Jacobson’s new outfit, In Eyes, has not released any studio albums to date. 






“Sixteen Summers” 

Here’s To Neverland 

The Dream Scene 


“Second Chances” 

Shades Apart 

Seeing Things 


“Ready to Fall” 

Rise Against 

The Sufferer & the Witness 


“Gates of Steel” 


Freedom of Choice 


“Join the Ranks” 

Rise Against 

Long Forgotten Songs: B-Sides & Covers 2000-2013 


“Havana Affair” 




“Anybody Else” 

The Last 



“I Know Better” 

Negative FX 

Negative FX 


“The Dream Scene” 

Here’s To Neverland 

The Dream Scene 


“Positive Noise” 

The Holy Mess 

Comfort in the Discord 


“I Know” 

The Hippos 

The Hippos 


“Waste of Space” 

The Marked Men 

The Marked Men 


“Locked in My Head” 




“Sailin’ On” 

Bad Brains 

Bad Brains 


“Rock for Light” 

Bad Brains 

Rock for Light 


“Secret 77” 

Bad Brains 

I against I 


“Go with the Flow” 

Teenage Bottlerocket 

Freak Out! 


“Straight on ‘til Morning” 

Here’s To Neverland 

The Dream Scene 


Show Description

Strange Notes is a punk-rock radio show produced by an EHS alumnus, “the host without a name.” Each show contains a featured album. The show starts and finishes with the album’s respective first and last songs. Throughout the broadcast are three special segments which include “Wild Card,” “Choice Cuts,” and “Evolution.” 

Wild Card

The first segment is called “Wild Card,” in which a single song of any genre is played. Although Strange Notes is primarily a punk show, “Wild Card” gives me an opportunity to play some of my favorite songs that simply neglect the broadly-defined boundaries of punk music. 

Choice Cuts

Decidedly the most prestigious segment, “Choice Cuts” airs in the middle of the show to broadcast select songs from the season’s featured albums. The amount of songs played during this segment, as well as the exact time when the segment is introduced, varies on a show-by-show basis. 


In keeping with the tradition of previous seasons, Season 3 introduces a brand-new category called “Evolution” that acts as a secondary featured slot. As its name would suggest, we play three songs by an artist to demonstrate how their sound has changed over time. 

Hall of Fame (Previously-featured albums/episode log)


Note: songs in special segments are underlined. This webpage might not be properly formatted on some devices. 

Episode 1: Prince of Hearts by Dirty Princes (July 3, 2020)

Gag host name: The WELV Joker 

For fans of: Classic Epitaph-style skate-punk, garage rock 

Trivia: the host without a name never saw Mulan

1. Dirty Princes, “Give it and Go”

2. face to face, “Welcome Back to Nothing”

3. WAGER, “No Faces Rule”

4. Stereolab, “Captain Easychord”

5. Here’s to Neverland, “Insane”

6. The Last, “Go Away Sunday”

7. Much the Same, “Snake in the Grass”

8. Negative FX, “Together”

9. Negative FX, “Protester”

10. Zado & the Frail Bodies, “Worry”

11. DARK THOUGHTS, “Fallin Out”

12. Dirty Princes, “Never Saw Mulan”

13. Minor Threat, “Filler”

14. Germs, “Media Blitz”

15. Mind Spiders, “Go!”

16. Mind Spiders, “On the Radio”

17. Mind Spiders, “You are Mine”

18. Rise Against, “Bricks”

19. Dirty Princes, “Kicked in the Dirt”

Episode 2: Danger by The Last (July 17, 2020)

Gag host name: The Voice in Your Ears 

For fans of: Descendents, Black Flag 

Trivia: The Last formed in 1976 by Joe and Mike Nolte and were joined shortly thereafter by their brother and Descendents co-founder David Nolte. This connection would come full-circle decades later as Descendents drummer and bassist, Bill Stevenson and Karl Alvarez respectively, would record this album with the band. 

1. The Last, “I Know”

2. Teenage Bottlerocket, “Back and Forth”

3. Rise Against, “Broken English”

4. Mae, “Soundtrack for Our Movie”

5. The Middle Class, “Insurgence”

6. face to face, “Can’t Change the World”

7. The Holy Mess, “Speak Uneasy”

8. The Last, “Red Hair”

9. Negative FX, “Citizens Arrest”

10. Much the Same, “Man of Science, Man of Faith”

11. Powerplant, “In the Garden”

12. Germs, “Let’s Pretend”

13. Shades Apart, “Seeing Things”

14. The Marked Men, “Not Just Another Girl”

15. The Marked Men, “A Little Lesson”

16. The Marked Men, “All in Your Head”

17. Dr. Know, “Saviour”

18. Minor Threat, “It Follows”

19. The Last, “Faces in Your Eyes”

Episode 3: Negative FX by Negative FX (July 31, 2020)

Strange Notes Listener’s Choice Featured Album! 

Gag host name: T.H.W.A.N. 

Negative FX is our very first Listener’s Choice featured album! Earlier in the year, we conducted a poll on our now-defunct Twitter account (@Strange_Notes) that gave listeners the choice to feature either Minor Disturbance by the Teen Idles or Negative FX. At the end of the very close poll, the majority of listeners obviously chose the latter. 

We would like to thank everyone who voted in this poll and the poll for whether or not to shorten the show’s runtime! 

For fans of: The Middle Class, Negative Approach, classic 80s (East-Coast) hardcore punk 

Trivia: Negative FX inspired the name of the legendary So-Cal skate-punk band NOFX. 

1. Negative FX, “Feel Like a Man”

2. Rise Against, “Generation Lost”

3. K.Flay, “Only the Dark”

4. Teenage Bottlerocket, “Radical”

5. face to face, “Walk Away”

6. Zado & the Frail Bodies, “The Sun”

7. DARK THOUGHTS, “The Sound”

8. Powerplant, “Dungen” [sic]

9. The Last, “Unreal Love”

10. Negative Approach, “Lead Song”

11. Negative Approach, “Nothing”

12. Much the Same, “Strangers in Fiction”

13. Minor Threat, “Little Friend”

14. Masked Intruder, “When I Get Out”

15. Masked Intruder, “Take what I Want”

16. Masked Intruder, “Maybe Even”

17. Descendents, “I’m Not a Punk”

18. Negative FX, “Repeat”

Episode 4: People in the Sun by Powerplant (August 14, 2020)

Gag host name: Mr. Radioman 

For fans of: Mind Spiders, Devo, The Soft Moon 

Trivia: Despite Powerplant, the brainchild of Theo Zhykharyev, being mostly a one-man project, 3D graphics advisor Lojd Clipston 
(or Lloyd Clipston) wrote “Snake Eyes” for this record. 

1. Powerplant, “Hey Mr. Dogman!”

2. Rise Against, “The Good Left Undone”

3. Summer Twins, “Darlin’”

4. Powerplant, “True Love”

5. DARK THOUGHTS, “Ain’t No Love”

6. Negative Approach, “Why Be Something that You’re Not?”

7. Dirty Princes, “Wastoid”

8. Here’s to Neverland, “Baby Steps”

9. Teenage Bottlerocket, “Rebound”

10. Teenage Bottlerocket, “In the Pit”

11. Teenage Bottlerocket, “Walking the Yard”

12. Powerplant, “Warm Skin”

Dedicated to the memory of “Skulls” by Misfits. Rejected -- but never forgotten.