Summer 2021: IXL Learning

Prepared for the upcoming school year with IXL Learning and the IXL Summer Challenge
Posted on 07/19/2021

Dear Parents/Guardians,

I hope your summer is off to a great start! I’m writing to let you know that your child’s access to IXL Learning will remain active through the summer and we are encouraging all of our students to log in and take advantage of the Summer Boost Skills Plans and/or work within the Diagnostic Arena. Either option is an excellent resource to prepare for the upcoming school year.

The Summer Boost Skill Plans are available for K - 12 students and are focused on building your child’s fluency in ELA and Math and ensuring that they have a solid understanding of the foundational skills from this past year to be prepared for the upcoming year. Students should select the grade that they are going into.

The IXL Diagnostic Arena is available for K - 12 students. After completing the Diagnostic, the program will recommend the ELA and Math skills that your child is ready to learn next and provide guided practice problems for these skills. This is a great opportunity to work on closing gaps in learning or providing a challenge to those who are ready. This option will be most familiar to your child as they worked within the Diagnostic Area from January through June this past school year.

To encourage our students to stay connected with IXL this summer, we are offering an incentive open to all students entering grades 1 - 12. Students who work in IXL for a minimum of 15 minutes per day for 20 days this summer will earn a free ice cream when they return to school in September. Students can complete the enclosed log, which will need your signature, and can return this to the main office of their building by September 12, 2021.

To access IXL Learning, have your child visit the link below (or do a quick Google search for Ellenville IXL) and select the SIGN IN WITH GOOGLE option. Students will be prompted to log into their District Google account.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at 845 - 647 - 0100 or [email protected] I hope you and your family enjoy the remainder of the summer and have the chance to take advantage of these great learning opportunities!

Thank you,

Kelly White

  Full letter and IXL Summer Challenge log (.pdf)