Ellenville High School: Distance Learning Plan

Ellenville High School: Distance Learning Plan
Posted on 04/14/2020

  Read the full letter from Ellenville High School (PDF)

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Our hope and desire is that you and your loved ones are well. We miss your children dearly and look forward to their return. Over the past two weeks, your children have been engaging in continuous learning activities from the learning packets which were distributed at the end of March, which included review of previously taught content. As you are aware, schools will remain closed through April 29th. This health crisis remains a fluid situation and there is a good possibility that our return date will once again be postponed. Because of this, we are writing to share our extended distance learning plan for the High School.

As we progress through the month of April, our teachers will be transitioning to instruction of new content and all instructional materials will be distributed to students via online platforms (Google Classroom, Email, Teacher Websites). Starting on Monday, April 20th, by 9:00 a.m. each day (Monday through Friday), teachers will be posting/sending a virtual greeting to students using the online learning platform that they are utilizing. This virtual greeting will outline teacher expectations for the day. On a daily basis, students are expected to view these messages.

Having a schedule helps to create a sense of routine and normalcy, which may be beneficial to some during this time. That being said, we understand that each family is managing a unique set of circumstances which may not allow for conformity by all. While there needs to be an expectation for teaching and learning, we want to provide as much flexibility as possible.

It is extremely important that you contact the high school main office at 845-647-0123 to inform us if you are in need of a Chromebook or if you do not have access to the Internet so that alternate arrangements can be made for your child to receive and turn in assignments.

Please review this document in its entirety and reach out to us with any questions you may have.

Online Learning Platforms

Teachers will communicate with their students regarding how they will receive and submit assignments. Teachers will be utilizing District approved online platforms to engage students in learning activities and communication. Additionally, students now have access to their student email account and may communicate with staff members via this tool. Students are expected to adhere to the District’s Acceptable Use Policy.


Some teachers may engage students in live virtual online meetings via Google Meet. Teachers wishing to do this, will make the class aware of the days/times this will be taking place. A schedule has been provided to teachers so that students aren’t scheduled to be in more than one live online meeting at a time.

Teacher Office Hours

Teachers are required to have office hours to communicate with parents/guardians and students and will be sharing these hours with you. If you or your child has a question related to assignments, please reach out to the teachers during this time. Teachers may be reached via email, or any other method approved by the teacher. If you are having difficulty establishing contact with a teacher, please call us at 845-647-0123 so that we may assist.


Report Cards: Students are expected to complete all assigned work. As students return assignments, teachers are expected to be providing students with feedback to advance their learning. Grading for the fourth marking period will be Pass/Fail, based on completion of assignments. Final course grade for the year will be determined based on the average of the first three marking periods and the weight of the midterm exam, if applicable. Note: College Courses will adhere to the grading policy set forth by the affiliated college.

Regents Exams: Students who are enrolled in a class that is expected to end in a Regents exam are exempt from taking the exam as the exams have been canceled for the June 2020 administration. Students are not required to participate in these exams to receive their diploma. This only pertains to students who were scheduled to take a Regents exam in June 2020.

College Courses: Students enrolled in college courses will need to follow the expectations set by the affiliated college. Teachers of college level courses will communicate these expectations to students.

AP Courses: Students enrolled in AP courses, they will need to follow the expectations set by the College Board. Teachers of AP courses will communicate these expectations to students. Note: AP Exams will be taking place, but will do so using a remote format. Please make sure that you and your child review the updates regarding testing, which are available on the College Board website at: https://apcoronavirusupdates.collegeboard.org/students. If you have any further questions regarding AP exams, please contact Mrs. White at the High School.


While providing 504, IEP, and Declassified students with all the accommodation/modifications listed in their plan presents a challenge, teachers will attempt to provide what is possible in a remote academic setting to the extent that is practicable.

Student Support & Related Services

School Counselors & Student Assistance Counselor*

Counselors who are assigned to give 1:1 counseling services to students who have an IEP/504 will be setting up time to speak with the student to provide these services remotely to the extent that is practicable. Counselors will be available Monday through Friday from 7:50 a.m - 2:30 p.m for students to provide academic/scheduling and mental health support. Counselors will also be reaching out to students who have not been engaging in continuous learning.

School Psychologist*

Our school psychologist will be available Monday through Friday from 7:50 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. for students to provide remote mental health support to the extent that is practicable. Our psychologists will be providing IEP counseling, participating in CSE meetings and evaluating students to the best extent possible.


Speech teachers will set up times with the student to provide these services remotely.


Service will be addressed on a case by case basis.

*A signed consent will be required to provide remote counseling services and speech services for 504 and IEP students who receive those services.


Mr. Carl Pabon & Mrs. Kelly White