Ellenville High School: Testing & Graduation Requirements

Ellenville High School: Testing & Graduation Requirements
Posted on 05/08/2020

   Read the letter from Ellenville High School to students, parents, and guardians

Dear High School Students & Parents/Guardians,

As you may have heard, the June 2020 New York State Regents Exams have been canceled due to the impact of the COVID-19 closure. The purpose of this question and answer document is to provide guidance on how the cancellation of these exams impacts graduation requirements. This document also addresses diploma endorsements, Advanced Placement testing, and the community service requirement. Our answers for these questions reflect what has been communicated by the New York State Education Department.

Regents Exams

Answer:  Students who meet one of the following eligibility requirements are exempt from Regents Examinations they were planning to take in June 2020:
  • The student is currently enrolled in a course that was supposed to end in a Regents Exam AND the student passes this course with a minimum grade of 65 by the end of this school year. Note: As mentioned in our Distance Learning Plan, final course grades will be calculated based on the average of the first three marking periods and weight of the midterm, if applicable.

  • The student is currently enrolled in a course that was supposed to end in a Regents Exam and fails this course, but attends summer school during the summer of 2020 and passes the course with a minimum grade of 65. Note: We are awaiting further guidance from New York State regarding 2020 summer school accessibility.

  • The student was previously enrolled in a course that ended in a Regents Exam, passed the course with a minimum grade of 65, and was intending on re-taking the exam in June 2020 to achieve a passing score. Intention to take a Regents exam in June 2020 is defined by:

    • the student informed the school that s/he wished to retake the examination; or

    • the student was receiving academic intervention, supplemental instruction or tutoring of some kind in preparation to take the examination; or

    • the student took the examination in June 2019, August 2019, or January 2020 in an attempt to pass or better his/her score.


Diploma Types (Local, Regents, Advanced Designation) & Endorsements

Answer:  Students who are granted an exemption from any examination will not need to take these exams to meet the assessments requirements for any diploma type - local diploma, Regents diploma, or Regents with Advanced Designation.
Answer:  Yes. While no actual score would be given, students who are exempted from a math and/or a science Regents examination, and pass at least two additional Regents exams in math with scores of 85 or above or 2 additional Regents Exams in Science with an 85 or above would be entitled to a mastery in math and/or science on their diploma.
Answer:  Yes. While exempted exams may be used to meet assessment requirements for any diploma type, they would be removed from the calculation of the honors endorsement. If the average of the Regents exam scores required for the diploma type (not including the waived exam(s) equals 90, the student is entitled to the honors endorsement.
Answer:  We are awaiting further guidance on how to address flexibility in earning the seal.
Answer:  Yes. Students with disabilities who are otherwise eligible to exit from high school in the 2019-20 school year may be awarded the CDOS Commencement Credential without having met all of the requirements, for purposes of eligibility for the superintendent determination option, provided that the school principal, in consultation with relevant faculty, has determined that the student has otherwise demonstrated knowledge and skills in the commencement level CDOS learning standards.
Answer:  No. A Regents exam exemption cannot be used to compensate for the score of below 65 on a different Regents examination.

Language Other Than English (LOTE) Exams

Answer:  A district may exempt a student from the locally developed Checkpoint B examination if the student will have earned at least 3 diploma credits in the LOTE subject by the end of the 2019-20 school year.

Advanced Placement Exams

Answer:  Yes. The College Board plans to offer an online exam that students can complete at home. Students will need an Internet enabled device and Internet access to take these exams. Additional information on the administration of AP exams can be referenced on the College Board’s website:

Community Service Requirement

Answer:  No.The Board of Education has waived the community service requirement for June 2020 graduates.

If you have any further questions regarding exams and graduation requirements, please contact your child’s school counselor.


Mr. Carl Pabon & Mrs. Kelly White