Go Beyond Greatness: Wellness Wednesdays with GBG

Mindfulness Yoga Education for Elementary Students
Posted on 07/22/2020
Wellness Wednesdays with Go Beyond Greatness - Week One: The Mindful Ocean

Go Beyond Greatness has launched a Mindfulness Yoga program titled "Wellness Wednesdays with GBG," taught by Ali Abbruzzi, GBG Yoga Instructor. This is a social-emotional education course designed to empower children to own their gifts by bringing awareness through mindfulness and meditation techniques. Each class will focus on a new topic that will help students access skills to support the development of social and emotional intelligence.

Check out the first pre-recorded session below!

  Mindfulness Yoga Program Schedule: July 15 - August 19, 2020

This program helps children to build a strong sense of self through learning how to positively communicate with themselves and others, combat the emotional changes that often lead to aggression, angst, and low self-esteem. Students will gain self-help tools that support self control, lower anxiety and stress, increase positive mood, improve emotional regulation skills, improve health and body wellness, and improve social skills and communication.