Ellenville Middle School: Arrival & Dismissal Protocols

Ellenville Middle School: Arrival & Dismissal Protocols
Posted on 09/24/2020
Ellenville Middle School: Arrival & Dismissal Protocols for Hybrid Instruction

The Middle School is enacting several new arrival and dismissal protocols to help keep our students safe and prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Department of Health school bus capacity restrictions limit how many students can ride a bus. In order to maintain social distancing, the district's buses will operate at a reduced capacity (50%) of students provided all students are wearing their mask.

Once the Hybrid Instruction begins, change requests cannot be made last minute or on a daily basis. If your child cannot ride their scheduled route, you will need to arrange transportation.

We require at least a week’s advance notice for all changes to a student’s transportation.

Students cannot go to a bus stop they are not originally assigned to. Bus drivers will be following the rosters given to them.

Our dismissal pick-up procedure will take a couple weeks to perfect. We ask that you are extremely patient while waiting for your child(ren.)

If you are on a time restriction at the end of the day, we suggest that if your child(ren) are bus-eligible, you choose the bus method instead because grade 6 will be dismissing at the same time as the Elementary building and the parking lot may take longer to get into and out of, especially for the first few weeks students return to campus.