Ellenville Middle School Hybrid Instructional Model

Ellenville Middle School Hybrid Instructional Model
Posted on 09/30/2020
Ellenville Middle School Hybrid Instructional Model: A Guide for Families

   Read the full letter and attached document regarding the Hybrid Instructional Model

Dear Families,

All of us at the Ellenville Middle School thank you for your patience as we have tried our best to navigate this difficult time. We also all hope that you and your family members find themselves in good health and in good spirits. With all of the disruption that COVID-19 has brought into our daily lives it will be nice to welcome back the students who are comfortable with returning. However, it is important to note that while the 6th Grade students may return to the middle school campus on October 5, 2020, it will not be exactly the same as the students remember.

First, students are still broken into two cohorts, Cohort A and Cohort B. If you are unaware of the cohort your child(ren) is in then please call the main office 845-647-0126. Secondly, as students get off the bus, out of cars or walk onto campus, before they go into the building their temperatures will be screened. The middle school will also have directional markers on the floors spaced six feet apart, desks will be six feet apart and classes will be much smaller. One thing that will not change is the excitement of having students in the building!

In the attached document you will find schedules, what students will need to bring to school with them each day, information regarding arrival and dismissal and other information regarding protocols due to COVID-19. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at [email protected] at any time day or night. You can also contact the main office of the middle school at 845-647-0126 or 845-647-0137. Please remember we will be unable to accommodate daily bus change requests. These must be done one week in advance in order to give the bus company adequate time to to adjust rosters and routes while maintaining social distancing.

Warm Regards,
Mr. Andre C. Spinelli