Career Day at Ellenville Middle School

Career Day at Ellenville Middle School
Posted on 06/08/2018

Ellenville Middle School held its annual Career Day on Friday, May 18th. More than 30 local business people, artisans, law enforcement and medical professionals, musicians, engineers, and other passionate representatives of possible career choices presented descriptions of their “life’s work” to Ellenville Middle School students.

Times Herald Record: Ellenville Middle School students attend Career Day

Ellenville Middle School Principal Mr. Andre Spinelli speaking to Career Day participants in the Library Media Center

"... School counselor Alison Chapin, who has been organizing this annual event since 2004, said the entire student body participated in Career Day, including about 400 students in grades 6-8. In preparation for the day, students were encouraged to examine their interests and plan on attending presentations on targeted careers that might match their fledgling ambitions. Teachers helped by describing various careers to the students, and then the youngsters signed up for their top three choices via an online survey."


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