Ana Gomez
"My experience at the Ellenville P-TECH Academy has been so positive due to all the helpful teachers I have had so far, who have shown that they care. As we grow together, I think back and appreciate these kind gestures. My class and I have created a comfortable bond."
Ana Gomez, Ellenville P-TECH Academy Young Scholar
Reggie Steele Ellenville Alumnus and Coach
“I grew up in Ellenville so this is where my heart is. Having loving parents and teachers helped mold me to the person that I am today. I'm grateful to be in a position where I can give back to the community by being a mentor & nurturer through coaching our youth."
Reggie Steele, Ellenville Alumnus and Coach
Noelia Santiago English Teacher at P-TECH
“What makes Ellenville special to me is the strong & sincere connection I have with my students. This mutual love, trust & respect allows us to dive into challenging and rigorous subject matter in English & work collaboratively for the collective growth."
Noelia Santiago, English Teacher at P-TECH